Team Fusion #364

FRC Team Fusion has worked to overcome all obstacles, adversity and hardships while still having fun. We are rewarded not only with prestigious awards, but with a sense of satisfaction toward them.

Team Fusion #364 Weekly Update

A few of our students went over to central middle school to work at an official VEX tournament. FRC is building the loading station for the playing field. FTC is going to Jackson MS to compete on January 31st. FRC’s electrical team has been working with the new control system, testing, so that they will know the ins and outs.… Read more →

FRC Update week #3

FRC went to the Rotary Club to speak about robotics, how it works, and what it means to be on the team. They built the frame for this years robot, as well as got the motors and gear boxes on the chassis. FRC is currently having a meeting with NASA and other robotics teams.   Read more →

FRC Kick off! Week #1

Hey guys! Today is day #2 of FRC build day, and its going good! We just got a working drive train, and its pretty cool. Even though we tested it with a live human being (who got dizzy), it supported the weight that it was suppose to be. Our goals for the next couple of weeks is to complete the… Read more →

Team #364 Update

    What’s Up With Team Fusion: Dominated FTC competition as well as an FRC finalist at the Red Stick Rumble in Baton Rouge, LA   To compete for the Cascade Effect challenge, Fusion started three new FTC teams for a total of five outstanding Teams   Website has been under construction by our new visual design team in hopes… Read more →