1 Day Left!   Recently updated !

It’s crunch-time! One day left until bag and tag day and EVERYONE is on the move. Our Systems sub-teams are working hard on the final days of the robot as […]

FRC Week #5 Update   Recently updated !

Heading into the last weeks of build season, Team Fusion continues to be productive and hardworking. At this point our sub-teams have made significant progress into the competition. Weekly Progress […]

Team Fusion #364 Weekly Update   Recently updated !

A few of our students went to Central Middle School to work at an official VEX tournament. FRC is building the loading station for the playing field. FTC is going […]

FRC Update week #3   Recently updated !

FRC members went to the Gulfport Rotary Club to speak about robotics, how it works, and what it means to be on the team. They built the frame for this […]

FRC Kick off! Week #1

Hey guys! Today is day #2 of FRC build day, and its going good! We just got a working drive train, and its pretty cool. Even though we tested it […]

The Drive Train - Prototype

Team #364 Update   Recently updated !

    What’s Up With Team Fusion: Dominated FTC competition as well as an FRC finalist at the Red Stick Rumble in Baton Rouge, LA   To compete for the […]