The term “sub-team” is used with Team Fusion in reference to the individual groups of students who work together under the main team, Team Fusion. Each “sub-team” has one or more duties they must complete in order to keep the team as a whole running efficiently. Each sub-team is headed by a “sub-team captain”, who is typically very knowledgeable of the duties of the sub-team. Above these captains is our Team Fusion 364 overall captain, who oversees their respective sub-teams.

Overall Captain

Ashley Brock


“Team Fusion has given me so many valuable lessons that will last throughout my life and without them I would not have the privilege of being the Captain of Team Fusion. ‘You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world. You will only ever have two choices-love or fear.'”

Sub-Team Captains

Website Lead: Samuel Boggs


“I am very excited to be our new website lead, this will help me gain many useful skills in the future. After being on the team for only one year, I hope to continue to contribute to Mississippi’s finest robotics team. ‘Hold on to your butts.'”

Technical Lead: Jake Cloud


Mechanical Lead: Jhordin McDuffie


Electrical Lead: Anthony Piascik

“I have been a part of Team Fusion Robotics for the past 4 years, and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Unfortunately this is my last year, I am excited for the future.  Last year was my first year on the FRC drive team, and we accomplished so much.  Because of this, and the new talent on the team, we will hopefully accomplish anything.  LIVE LONG AND PROSPER “

Programming Lead: George


“I am extremely excited to be the new programmer for team Fusion; Do or do not there is no try”

Video Captain: Sophie


“This year I am taking on a completely different role from my position on the business team last year. I am excited for the potential of our team this year and cannot wait to see what we accomplish.”