Without the help and dedication of these amazing people, all members of Fusion would be lost. Our mentors are some of our most valuable assets and most of the reasons we perform the way we do. Their support could never be overlooked, and we appreciate it very greatly.







Head Coach/Mentor

Clinton Brawley


Mentors all of the teams

Outside of fusion, high school engineering teacher and retired USAF.

Mentoring for numerous years.

“There is nothing we can’t do; just things we haven’t done yet.”



James Barnett

8-year mentor

Employee at NASA


Guy Warner

7-year mentor

Works at the U.S Naval Oceanographic Office, Stennis Space Center


Tom Holderer

14-year mentor

Retired Engineer


Steve Kanter

2-year mentor

President of Lightning Protection Systems, LLC., fabricates, builds and repairs cars and trucks, and is crew chief for Land Speed Racing (LSR) race car.


Doug Hudson

Hardware Test Engineer, Triton System (ATM)

3-year mentor


Dr. Sam Guccione

Retired Associate Professor of Technology at Eastern Illinois University

First year mentor


Bo Clarke

Engineer at NASA

16-year mentor


Kitty Ramage

16-year mentor


Kim Steube

14-year mentor


Donna Van Loon

6-year mentor


Rusty Ramage

Business owner, Hall of Famer, Sportsplex Manager for Gulfport

17-year mentor