Other Teams

Founded by Team Fusion, the Mississippi Robotics Consortium (MRC) is a statewide network of support for veteran and rookie teams. The MRC will be a funding source and educational clearinghouse for FIRST participants. Through statewide collaboration, we are building a greater “voice” with which to inspire. Our mission is to help build sustainable partnerships between business/industry, government, and education which transcend building robots and develop collaborative projects that enhance the quality of life in our state, nation, and world.

As a veteran and premier team in Mississippi, we are commonly approached with requests from other teams for help. We have taken advantage of every opportunity to help these teams, including providing parts, engineering assistance, and financial support. Some of the teams we have recently assisted are: Pearl River Central High School (1421), Picayune Career & Technology Center (750), Monroe County Vocational Center (1201), Choctaw Central High School (590), Mississippi School for Math & Science (1235), Quito, Ecuador (1469), Tel Aviv, Israel (1581), Novo Hamburgo, Brazil (1603), Mercy Cross High School (1927). We also sponsored Hancock High School in the FIRST Tech Challenge by mentoring the team and paying their entry fee.

As part of our five year plan, we will continue to spread the ideas of FIRST to all 152 school districts in the state of Mississippi. We have currently contacted the lower forty districts and offered to help them set up their own teams and see how we operate.

Last year, we held our own “Mini-Bot Meeting” at our school. We invited several schools from all around to come work with us on a cross-platform development system. The main purpose was to figure out ways in which we could work with our alliances in the competitions in order to gain a higher chance of scoring with the mini-bot. We ended up having four teams visit us. The exchange of ideas and knowledge was a success.