Pathways 2 Possibilities

In its sophomore year, P2P, an interactive expo, continues to draw students from the six lower counties of Mississippi.

Approximately 6,500 students experienced different career paths and participated in activities.

Team Fusion partnered with their sponsor, NASA, to show the middle school students the value and excitement of engineering.

Visitors to the NASA booth interacted with an FRC robot that hurled discs through the air.

This display allowed students to learn in a fun environment and ask questions that will help them with decisions on their future careers.



Community Service

Team Fusion lent a helping hand in the dedication ceremony of the old Gulfport High School. Team members handed out brochures and set up the event while promoting the ingenuity and technological innovations of the current high school.

Team fusion works hard to show off their skills at the Old Gulfport High School dedication ceremony.

Team fusion works hard to show off their skills at the old Gulfport High School dedication ceremony.


For Veteran’s Day, Fusion 364 brought the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport a display showing what their sacrifices and bravery helped inspire and protect. The team demonstrated our Hardin Hammer robot and toured the grounds to learn more about our retired soldiers.

At Boo Bash in Jones Park, Team Fusion demonstrated the Hardin Hammer. We engaged younger students and potential 364 members by launching discs to the ecstatic youths.

Fusion seized the opportunity to educate middle school students in the robotics and engineering of VEX. Members assisted the interested youths in building their robots. At the end of the week, we held a competition where they demonstrated their progress. The focus next year will be on FTC and FRC robots.