5-year Plan


  • Summary of the Team’s Future Plans     

The dream of FIRST Team Fusion is for every student to know the joy and empowerment of being involved with a FIRST Robotics team. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of problem-solvers and to instill in today’s youth the desire and ability to solve the challenges facing our world for the betterment of mankind. Through an extensive outreach system, we take to heart that awe must return to our community, state, nation and the world that we have been so graciously given. Our goal is to infect all with “Fusion Fever” through the unique environment that is only found in F.I.R.S.T. These future plans could be separated into short term (this year or next) and long term (three+ years or continuous)

Short Term:

  1. Make use of the new facility at Gulfport High School by hosting outside activities that will promote STEM and FIRST robotics.
  2. Challenge our team engineers to use new technologies to encourage our students to “think outside the box.” Observe technologies used by other teams at regional, championship and off-season events for possible inclusion in Team Fusion.
  3. Use our engineers and parents to increase the “sphere of influence” within the region. Get more interest from employers and coworkers by getting them involved as FIRST mentors on Team Fusion and other teams. In 2012, one of our mentors was selected as the Woodie Flowers recipient for the Bayou Regional.
  4. Establish a Gulfport Robotics facility. This could be used by all teams in the local area for training and robot fabrication. It would be equipped by donations from local businesses.
  5. Increase parent involvement with Team Fusion “Pride of Ownership” in the team. Get parents to more fully realize the benefits of their child being on Team Fusion. On-boarding via veteran parent mentors.


Long Term:

  1. Create a networking system to assist alumni in contacting local teams to mentor and assist that are located around the universities they plan to attend. This will assist students in establishing relationships with other teams and extending Team Fusion’s resources to all.
  2. Continue the outreach programs of Robotics in community education, summer technology and robotics, and our annual VEX tournament.
  3. Continue the implementation of the Mini-Robotics Education Programs at elementary and middle schools with at-risk students.
  4. Continue to mentor teams both in the Mississippi region and around the nation.
  5. Continue to encourage local, state and national politicians to attend FIRST events so that a true paradigm shift in thinking toward celebrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics becomes the prevalent mindset.
  6. Continue to share our exemplary fundraising model with all existing and future FIRST teams.