Recently, Team Fusion stepped up our commitment to safety to ensure that it is practiced with everything we do.

We have implemented a “safety sub-team” to enforce our new rules and procedures.

We begin every meeting with a safety briefing, which includes the location of our first aid kit, fire extinguishers, emergency exits and our meeting place if we have to evacuate the building.

Also, we began using sign in/sign out sheets to keep track of who is present at the meetings, so that should an emergency arise, we are able to account for all of our members and mentors. This year we were able to restock our safety glasses and hearing protection through a gracious donation.

The team funded training for many of our members to become CPR/First Aid certified in the event of an emergency.

Along with this, members of Team Fusion received accreditation as Underwriters Laboratories’ Safety Ambassadors.  In summary, safety has become a very important aspect of our team. As it has been successful, we would like to encourage all other FIRST teams to engage in safe practices and follow the safety guidelines of FIRST robotics.

FIRST Safety Manual 

Safety Committee

The safety committee is an elite group of students who take responsibility for the welfare of the entire team. They made a vow to uphold every rule in the safety manual and make sure that every student follows them to maintain a healthy and productive work environment. These students are assigned to different areas where students work: the classroom and the shop. They are:

Safety Captain

John Michael

John Michael Ladner


Austin N

Austin Norris

Classroom Committee Member – Ashley Brock

Shop Committee Member – Austin Michaels

Video Room Committee Member – Tatianna Myers