The “fix-it” kids are here! Whenever there is a problem to solve,  technical or not, and as long as electricity is involved,  Team Fusion members are on the job!

The idea that they can solve any problem has filtered into our school’s Technology Applications class in various ways:

  1. Designed and maintain Gulfport High School 2009 website
  2. Designed brochure and promotional video for patented game: “Checker football” With help from the Art Department, fabricated a large football helmet that rides atop our robot at football games
  3. Used a previous FRC robot with an air cannon to shoot t-shirts along with other goodies during pep rallies and football games
  4. Used our Versa-Laser to laser engrave trophies such as the boys & girls soccer teams (and show them HOW to use it, rather than just doing so)
  5. Team members Marshall Van Loon and Brandon Corner aided science teacher Brett Whitworth in the invention of the “Storm Brace” Robot demonstrations at Gulfport, Pass Road, and Biloxi’s science fairs
  6. After Hurricane Katrina, Fusion members helped clean out teachers’ and engineers’ homes and shops that were destroyed
  7. AP Scholarship Program: Pioneered by a previous team captain, this program provides scholarships to students taking Advanced Placement examinations. This scholarship helps defray the cost of examinations ($84 per exam). Designed for low income and high-achievement students, an application is required before a committee review
  8. Collected items to donate overseas to wounded soldiers
  9. Designed a “Big brother/ Big sister” program in our school in which Team Fusion members aide new students by giving them a chance to make friends and by teaching them their way around campus
  10. Partnered up with our schools “Interact Club” for a fundraiser called Rock’em Sock’em Socks, in which students donated socks to the local children’s shelter

This year, we have done the following service projects:

  1. Made Christmas cards for a local hospice
  2. Made over 250 sandwiches for homeless people
  3. Volunteered numerous times for a soup kitchen
  4. Demonstrated to our community what STEM is (STAR Camp, Pathways Possibilities Career Fair, Speaking to the Rotary Club, Santa On the Bayou, Salvation Army Ringing the Bell, Mayor’s Run, etc)
  5. Hosted several robotics tournaments (VEX, FTC, etc)
  6. Changed the Mississippi curriculum to teach STEM to all students
  7. Started four robotics teams (3 FTC teams and 1 FRC team)