Synergy Squared 8001


Team Summary

Synergy Squared is a young team that was started in 2013. We were founded and sponsored by Team Fusion #364 and Synergy in Motion #5249, now known as Synergy. The team has 13 members, 1 mentor, and 1 student mentor. Our team is an upperclassman team with mostly 2nd year members. All of the students attend school at Gulfport High School.

Team History

Synergy Squared was founded last year with the game “Block Party!” In years past, there was little interest in FTC by the students on our FRC team, Team Fusion #364, which began in 1999. Last year, there was a surge of interest in both teams. Enough people wanted to be on the team that another FTC team had to be created.

Synergy Squared hosted the Gulf Coast Area Qualifier with 10 teams competing. We competed at the Mississippi State Championship and placed first with teams Blue Crew #7398 and Challenge Accepted #7802. We then went on to the San Antonio Super Regional to compete and were in the top three for the Connect award.

This year we started the four following new teams: Synergy Cubed #9018 and Synergy #5249 (formerly Synergy in Motion), teams made completely of first year sophomores and freshmen; and our middle school teams, Voyage and Voyage 2, which consisted of seventh and eighth graders.

SWOT Analysis


Team Impact/Outreach

Future Plans

Synergy Squared looks forward to continuing its influence in local robotics and the community. This will be achieved through the continued mentoring of FTC teams and visiting elementary school career fairs to promote STEM. We will also reach out to local schools to grow FTC on the Coast and continue hosting the Gulf Coast Area Qualifier Tournament at the Stennis Infinity Center. Finally, we will sustain our influence on local youth and continue designing and building devices to help people at our local special needs school.

Action/Implementation Plan


Our future plans are already in effect and planning. We have been in contact with the high school in Pascagoula about their team and there is a high probability they will start an FTC team. Our new high school teams will also have continued support in our program. We are working toward mentors for our middle school teams. Our outreach is working with our local special needs school to help others with our devices to aid in everyday living as we did last year with our mechanical device for a girl with Cerebral Palsy to dampen her tremors.


Synergy Squared has already been invited to host next year’s Area Qualifier Tournament at the Infinity Center. We are currently planning demonstrations and community events to broaden our sphere of influence on society. Furthermore, Synergy Squared will continue to visit our community’s schools to spread STEM knowledge.


The main sponsor of Synergy Squared is FRC team Team Fusion. Fusion supports us financially, along with transportation, parts and students since almost every member of our team is on the FRC team as well. Gulfport School District and Gulfport High School Technology Center sponsor us by providing the teams with the facility and equipment such as 3-D printers, a K-2 mill, CAD programs, and a laser engraver. In addition, Ingall’s gave us a grant that is helping pay for travel and entrance fees for competitions. 

Final Statement

Synergy Squared is rising as a leading Mississippi FTC team. We have had substantial influence on our community and the surrounding areas and have had a vision to continue everything we have done as a team. With continued support, we will be able to spread FTC across the Coast making it bigger than any other program in the South. As a new team with fresh ideas and a drive to match, we will be at the top in no time.

Team Structure

  1. Our Team Mentor and Sponsor is Mr. Clinton Brawley.
  2. Our Team Student Mentor is Cooper Kendricks.
    1. The captain of our team is Jeremi. His job is to make sure everyone on the team has tasks and works to achieve them. He makes sure the team stays on track and focuses on the big picture.
      1. Landon is the head programmer for the team. He also assists with the building of the robot.
        1. Under Landon are Austin, Peyton, Anthony and Connor. They do the same thing as Landon or anything else needed.
      2. Brandon works on the design and building of the robot.
        1. Under Brandon are Khoa, Kevin, and Joseph. They work on the design and construction of the robot or anything else needed.
      3. Stevie is in charge of the notebook and public relations. Stevie manages everything that goes on with the team including outreach and community service.
        1. Under Stevie are Kylee, Amoy, and Brittani. They work on the notebook and the mechanics of team.
          1. Kylee is in charge of the business plan. She also keeps track of what goes on and records in the notebook, and works under Brandon on the design of the robot as necessary.
          2. Brittani works on the notebook and accounts for what work is done on the robot. She also works under Landon on the robot as needed.
          3. Amoy works on the website and social media for the team.



2013-2014 – Qualifying Tournament Connect Award finalist
2013-2014 – Finalist Alliance
2013-2014 – PTC Design Award